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Premium Services for Construction fit-out works

Bespoke construction, fit-out, and interior design specialist in the world

Luxury Design Company is a world-class construction, fit-out and interior design specialist that has been providing premium class services over decades already. As the bespoke construction, fit-out and interior design specialist in the world, Luxury Design envision itself the top provider of prestigious projects that will bring a phenomenal inspiration in the international industry of architecture and interior design. Over decades of international experiences, Luxury Design has been recognized as the leading construction fit-out team that provide premiere services that always set international standards in design and every construction fit-out services. The reliability and capability of its collective experiences and accomplishments from the previous successful project implemented have been guaranteed for over many years already. Luxury Design is the top fit-out company that has the full ability to deliver a wide range of interior design and fit-out solutions offering original creative design of construction, engineering, architectural ideas, and approaches for the development of the design project of your house, apartment, office, hotels, or any industrial giant with a full range of services and premium class implementation.

Behind every successful project executions that the Luxury Design has performed is the most skilled and expert team that has been specialized every knowledge and skill that has been gained in different international institutions. Luxury Design has its extensive portfolio of completed projects performing the most outstanding services and solutions for every construction and fit-out work for multinational properties such as residential, commercial, hospitality, and industrial projects. Luxury Design always guarantees to perform and deliver the highest quality of construction and fit-out work solutions with a completely hassle-free and cost-efficient towards the full project execution. Another great advantage of Luxury Design is having its own manufacturing and factory for furniture and the complete decorative materials needed in accomplishing every project. With it is in-house furniture designers, production team, and professional joiners, every piece of furniture and materials are very well crafted to perfection that will always lead to achieving the finest construction and fit-out solution. Luxury Design has become also very famous internationally as the creator of customized furniture and interior design set up that always resulted in the most exclusive and sophistication design. Being passionate to meet every client expectation and accomplish every project requirement has been always the key to delivering the best performances in the highest standards. Luxury Design assures to continuously exert an extra effort to deliver discover innovative and methodological strategies by using advanced technology and modern equipment that will meet the premium class construction fit-out solutions and achieved the most desirable design by following deadlines.

Fit-out work services by Luxury Design

  • Full project involvement –Luxury Design always allotted a project manager that will handle the complete project coordination wherein the involvement of every stages procedure will achieve a well-structured and organized scope of work
  • Ability to meet the deadlines and commitment to timeframe
  • Furniture production
  • Reliable export/ logistic team
  • Integrated Management Approach
  • Complete furniture and materials supply
  • Customized carpets, chandeliers, and furniture
  • Home automation
  • Joinery works
  • Family crest/ logo